• Kent Lawrence

The Home Office

In a community like Heath, TX a number of people office out of their home. Whether you're a real estate agent, lawyer, builder or remodeler, beauty consultant or whatever you do, there are some advantages to officing at home.

The office is only a few steps away. You can create a custom environment. Pajamas might be an acceptable dress level. You're home and can take care of a sick loved one. The pile of laundry can be taken care of during the business day. These are just to name a few.

But there are also disadvantages. Do you have the willpower to get going on a new project instead of checking out Netflix? Is there a struggle in sticking to a routine? Can you be more productive by having the discipline of leaving the house and going to an office? Are you missing the community you desire? How's your wifi? Could your business grow by the relationships you build that turn into new business?

CoCreate's Premium Office Membership offers the ability to be productive and grow in community.

At CoCreate Exchange Heath, we have created the space for you to be close to home and thrive in business. CoCreate Exchange Heath provides three primary benefits to its members. First, productivity: Through our office and non-office memberships, our space provides the privacy, security and technology to maximize productivity.

Another member benefit is community: Doing business together is better. Our community focus connects members with other like-minded executives locally. We want to be the place where deals are made and where real business happens.

Finally, CoCreate offers the service needed for business to thrive: Conference rooms, mail and print services, gourmet coffee and snacks and an onsite Community Manager to make sure all is right.

A home office can be great - we get that. But the value and advantages CoCreate offers will lead to more productivity which leads to more opportunities, which is one main reason you're in business in the first place. So join us - contact Kent at 214.435.1289 or kent@cocreatemgmt.com for more information.

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