• Kent Lawrence

Open for Business in Heath

We've had several people walk through the doors of CoCreate Exchange Heath and say, "I didn't know the building was open." Well, people, not only is the South Ridge Office Building open, but CoCreate Exchange Heath is open and serving members.

We believe there are a number of reasons you need to have a membership at CoCreate Exchange Heath, but let's start with a basic: Why commute? We're right down the street from where you live.

Working at home is convenient but productivity can suffer. An office is more productive, but commuting is often a waste of precious time. With CoCreate, affordable productivity is just minutes away. Which means that if you live in Heath, Rockwall, Royse City, Forney or McClendon-Chisolm, we are convenient to your home.

Now how about some scientific thoughts on commuting? According to Inc., commuting is not only a drag, but it could also be unhealthy. Some quick stats according to a study from the University of West England:

  • The average commute in the U.S. is 50 minutes round trip.

  • Researchers found that job and leisure-time satisfaction reduce for each extra minute of commuting.

  • More surprising, adding 20 minutes of commuting time per day negatively affects job satisfaction equal to a 19% pay cut.

So we ask: Why commute? Instead, become a member and work right down the street. There's a good chance you drive by CoCreate Exchange Heath everyday on your commute. Book a tour of CoCreate Exchange Heath by clicking here. Or contact Kent Lawrence at kent@cocreatemgmt.com or 214.435.1289.

Trust us: You'll love the convenience of our location.

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